About Renee's Garden Seeds
At Renee's Garden, I offer only the varieties that are very special for home gardeners, based on great flavor, easy culture and exceptional garden performance.  This seed line is my personal selection of new, exciting and unusual seed choices of time-tested heirlooms, certified organic seeds, the best international hybrids and fine open-pollinated varieties. I harvest and use the vegetables and herbs in my kitchen to choose the most delicious, and cut the flowers for bouquets to select the finest colors, forms and fragrances. Our varieties are tested and guaranteed for every major US climate zone.
Our individually written  packets offer beautiful watercolor portraits, with personally written descriptions, complete growing instructions, a quick-view planting chart, growing tips, harvesting information and cooking ideas. Inside you'll find superior quality seed- the top germinating, reliable seed lots usually reserved for specialty growers. First and foremost, Renee’s Garden is a company run by gardeners, for gardeners. It is our way to spread the joy of gardening as a meaningful, productive and satisfying activity that connects us to each other and the earth.   Read our Monthly Newsletters

Seeds From Around the World   
Renee's Garden seeds are selected from growers we know and trust in the USA, Holland, Italy, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Thailand, Japan, China and New Zealand.  All our seeds are carefully trialed and evaluated in our test gardens in different climate zones.  

How We Choose Our Seeds
We work hard to find good, sustainable and organic growers with the skill and expertise to grow the high-quality, high germinating seeds we know we can count on and our customers will be successful with.   All our varieties are Renee's personal selections, chosen for excellence in flavor, color, ease of growing and garden performance for home gardeners.  Learn More

 Grow Organically with Renee's Garden
We have been committed organic gardeners for over 25 years, using strictly organic gardening practices with great success and satisfaction. Everyone at Renee’s Garden eats and enjoys the organic produce we grow in our trial gardens as a significant part of our diets. Because reliable supplies of seed grown to the USDA’s National Organic Program Standards are somewhat limited, our organic seeds are sourced from small USDA Certified Organic seed growers, family farms and cooperatives who meet our high standards for germination, purity and the absence of seed-borne pathogens.

Whether you plant our Certified Organic seeds or choose from our large range of conventionally produced seed varieties, you should know that supporting sustainable farming practices is an integral part of Renee’s Garden. We have signed the "Safe Seed Pledge" developed by The Council for Responsible Genetics; we do not sell chemically treated or genetically engineered seeds.



Anonymous said...

Hi Renee:

I planted the purple hyacinth bean seeds this past spring and they grew 15 ft. tall against my front porch railings. I am going to cut them down after our first frost here in VA, but wanted to know if the foliage from the vines is poisonous. I have poultry and throw just about all my garden refuse in a mulch pile, which the chickens then pilfer through. Would the vines cause them any problems that you know of? Thanks, Laura Reynolds - Forest, VA

Anonymous said...

Dear Renee:

I planted your purple hyacinth bean seeds this spring in my front yard near my porch railings. They grew 15 ft tall! I am getting ready to cut the vines down after our first frost and want to add to my mulch pile. I have poultry and want to make sure the vines are not poisonous as my poultry go through the mulch pile searching for bugs, etc. Do you know if the vines would pose a problem for my poultry? Thank you. I am looking forward to ordering your organic seeds for the spring 2013! Laura Reynolds, Forest, VA

Renee Shepherd said...

Hi Laura

Sounds like you had a wonderful display. While the foliage and green vines are fine to compost, unfortunately, the mature beans inside of the pods of the hyacinth bean vine are not edible and in fact can be toxic to children and animals. So be sure to remove them before the chickens do..

Unknown said...

Renee, I read your article today in the Cincinnati Enquirer about a deer problem and I think I have an answer for vegetable gardners. This spring grow or buy lots of the hotest pepper plants you can find. Then plant them in row around your garden. The deer take one bite and quit. I have used this for 3 years and it works.

Unknown said...

I would like to know how do I know which lavender is suitable to cook with?

Renee Shepherd said...

Hi Fran,
Any of the L. angustifolia varieties of Lavender are good for cooking; my favorite is "French Perfume." http://www.reneesgarden.com/seeds/seeds-hm/herbsC.htm#lav

Margie B said...

My mother used to grow and dry flowers to make arrangements. She thinks she bought a pastel strawflower (everlastings) variety from you years ago. Do you know anywhere that would sell those seeds today?

Renee Shepherd said...

Statice seems to have fallen out of favor, so we have discontinued it. A good place to check for varieties in individual colors would be Select Seeds: http://www.selectseeds.com/

Chronica Domus said...

I've enjoyed growing your seeds in my garden for many years and now I've found this forum, I wanted to express my delight and thanks. I've grown your salad greens in the past and also your sweet peas.

I was compelled to write about this year's sweet pea harvest on my blog. I derived great pleasure in growing April In Paris and Regal Robe.


Thank you for bringing your legion of loyal gardening fans such a lovely selection of seeds from which to grow.

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