Friday, May 16, 2014

Follow the Yurt

by guest author Devona Finney
Renee's Garden Customer Service Manager

Devona has a degree in interior design and studies in green architecture, and uses her creative skills to solve our customer problems efficiently and quickly. We think her alternative homebuilding project is so exciting we wanted to share it with our blog friends:
Devona hard at work
The Yurt inspiration that we like
and will do our best to incorporate along the way
Building a yurt or alternative home structure has always been a dream of mine. I decided to finally take the leap building a 30’ yurt when it no longer made sense to pay high monthly rent.  My boyfriend and I decide to purchase our yurt while on a road trip in Oregon.  The company we decided to go with is called Pacific Yurt and has been around for over 30 years. 
The plan to do most of the work ourselves has given us the opportunity to build exactly what we envision for a home.  I started a blog to document the process involved along the way.  You can take a look here:

So far we have built a 21 pier foundation that will support a 50’ tridecagon deck (13 sided polygon).  We are almost ready to lay down the redwood deck this weekend which will mark a significant milestone in the project. Stay tuned for the yurt raising coming in the next few weeks!
The foundation is complete

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