Friday, March 11, 2011

Help Us Spread the Word to Raise Funds for Schools and Non-Profits

We support many community garden programs with donations of seed, but this season, I'm also really proud of the new way we've come up with to put hard cash in the hands of schools, nonprofits and community gardening groups. For some reason it took me a long time to figure out how to create this fundraising program, but now that it is in effect and successful, I can't understand why didn't think of it years ago! 
Here's how it works: Any nonprofit, school or charitable organization can simply contact us, providing short paragraph about their mission and goals and ask for a nonprofit fundraising code. We give them the code which they give to all their members and supporters – who then enter it at checkout when they buy seeds on our website. At the end of the season, we send each group a check for 25% of all the sales generated by users of their specific code.
It's simple and easy for both the organizations who want to raise cash without having to do too much, and for us to administer on the backend. I think the program is a definitely win-win – obviously, it helps generate our business for Renee's Garden, and just as importantly, it provides a way to get real cash in the hands of many groups who are struggling these days.
I'd like to request request that readers of this blog pass the word around – this is an easy program to promote! Because gardening from seed is such a wonderful activity for all ages; sustainable, meaningful, pleasurable and just plain fun, it's a great way to encourage people to get started in their gardens and effortlessly support their favorite charity at no cost to themselves. And, I freely admit that I am really looking forward to the pleasure I will get writing those checks to the various groups at the end of the seed year!
PS: If you think an organization or school you are involved with would like to participate, click here.
PPS: Here a sample of groups that have signed up to get codes already:
Penn State Master Gardeneers, Pittsburgh, PA
Harker School Bio-Gardening Club, San Jose, CA
Iowa Arboretum, Madrid, Iowa
Long Creek Herbs- Melinda Smith Kids Garden Project, Blue Eye, MO
Chenango County 4-H, Norwich, NY
American Horticultural Society, Alexandria, VA
Oregon Garden Foundation, Silverton, OR
Baton Rouge Unit of the Herb Society, Baton Rouge, LA
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