Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Taste of the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

By Laura Schaub, Graphic Designer at Renee’s Garden 

Laura was our emissary to the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show this year and shares tasty photos of her favorite program there.

Every spring I take a break from my work at Renee’s Garden to help out at the SF Flower and Garden Show. This year I had the fun assignment of photographing the demonstrations on the Chef’s Stage. I loved seeing the stage covered with fresh, local, in-season produce, and tasting the delicious dishes the chefs prepared.

It was particularly nice to see some favorite Renee’s Garden varieties used in the demonstrations, like lacinato kale, watermelon radishes, baby beets, Asian greens, seasonal herbs and edible flowers.

Garden-to-table and conscious, sustainable living is an important part of the Renee’s Garden culture. I have learned so much about incorporating seasonal foods into my own cooking, and this was a great opportunity to expand my repertoire!

Here are some highlights:

Wendy Johnson of Green Gulch Farm and Annie Somerville of Greens Restaurant
served up a delicious spring greens, butter bean and watermelon radish salad.
Thy Tran of the Asian Culinary demonstrated dan dan noodles
with mustard greens, superior stock, and pickled mustard.
Anthony Strong from Locanda restaurant served up some delicious
hand-made pasta with garden-fresh greens, fava beans and pecorino cheese.
Gonzalo Guzman from Nopalito and Laurence Jossel from
Nopa fed us delicious chicken and bean tostadas with crema.
Willi Galloway of Diggin Food made delicious herb butters, and lemon verbena tea.
Elianna Friedman of the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable
Agriculture talked about making cooking and eating healthy foods fun for kids.


Lisa A said...

Wonderful photo essay! As I'm preparing my tomato bed, I'm inspired to carve out a little more space for edibles. They look awfully good when you cook them up that way! And I hear Roz Creasy will be speaking at Foothill tonight - make them beautiful while I'm at it.
Thank you!

Renee Shepherd said...

Thank you, Lisa! I have been to Ros Creasy's beautiful edible garden and it really is special. Good luck with yours! ~Laura

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